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Why should you get homeowners insurance?

• natural disasters

• theft and vandalism

• peace of mind

• cheaper than you think

• mortgage protection

• income replacement

• final expenses

• college funding

• the earlier the better

Why should we get
life insurance?

Why purchase health insurance?

• emergencies can cause medical debt

• you only pay for what you need

• switch jobs, keep your plan

• we help you find the right plan

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Gonzalo Jimenez Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.  We are proud representatives of Farmers Insurance Group of Companies and offer coverage throughout Texas.  Throughout the company’s history the Jimenez family members have maintained an active role in the direction of the company.  Strong management and prudent reinvestment in the company’s growth have made the company a major provider of insurance to the City of Houston and surrounding areas.

Gonzalo Jimenez Insurance Agency, Inc. mission is to be the agency of choice for all your Home, Auto, Life, and Commercial insurance needs.

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